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Due to the growth of online business and more companies diverting their marketing strategies online, the demand for digital marketing has increased. As a result, you will find new digital marketing firms popping up.

If you have a similar business and you want people to know about it then you can advertise here.

Ridge Web is a popular blog in this niche and thousands of people visit our blog every day to learn about the latest trends in the digital marketing field. We are active in our social networks and keep our followers and fans updated with the latest news about this industry.

We are offering advertising opportunities so that you can advertise your business here and reach thousands of prospective customers. Here are the options you have:

Banner ads

You can place a colourful and interesting banner ad on our blog. Make sure your message is short and simple and has a ‘call to action’ button which is linked to your site. So, when the readers click on the ad, they will be diverted to your site.

That way they will know more about your business and the things you are offering.

You can then connect with them and persuade them to buy your products or services. We provide banner ads of various sizes to suit your budget. The placement of the ad is also important. If it’s placed at the top, then the price will be higher.

Product review

Most people buy products or services after reading product reviews. We have content writers who can write excellent product reviews highlighting the best features and explaining why the customers must buy them.

The readers will be motivated to try out your product or service after reading our reviews.

Social media marketing

We are actively present on various social media including Facebook and Twitter. We stay connected with our readers through our social media pages and provide them with useful content.

You can place your ads on our social media channels and get a lot of exposure. People will know about your brand and may visit your site to buy your product or service.

Our advertising options are affordable and very effective. We have a team of professionals who can help you design and pick the right advertisement option for you. To know more about our advertisement solutions, please contact us.